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Mobile platform

travel agencies event organizers travel agents teambuildings

We help you increase revenue and upgrade your customers’ experience by connecting travel with technology

When technology meets travel, you can…

Improve experiences

Now your customers can have all the information in the palm of their hand. Tell them everything about their trip.

Build lasting relationships

Use your own customized app as a new way to connect with your customers. Personalize it with your data and show the right offer to the right customer.

Sell more

Offer customers more activities and trips along their journey. They will thank you for how easy it was to book them.


Everything your customers need to know

Your customer gets an up-to-date overview of all the information about their trip. They can easily access details of their arrivals, departures as well as other important dates and addresses.

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Details about destinations

Your app, your content

Stories, attractions and inspiration from the world of travel in one place for your existing and potential customers. The app will become a new channel of communication for your company.

  • Your blogs
  • Tips for travelers
  • Local secrets

Reach customers anytime, anywhere

Offer and sell extra tours and activities. Your customers can book them directly in the app whenever and wherever they are.

  • Quick and easy access
  • Booking within the app
  • Updates and reminders about the activities

Be accessible for your customers

Provide a space for your customers to create bonds or share tips and experiences. Travelers can contact delegates directly through the app. It becomes simple to solve any problem because help is just a tap away.

  • Chat room for tour attendees
  • One-to-one messaging with delegates
  • A place to share incredible photos and experiences

With vacatuner you don’t have to…

Design, develop and test your own app
Develop new features
Maintain and support it
Employ additional people to take care of it